Ian's Journey to Cameroon

Current Location


Bonjour! Hello! My name is Ian, and I'm in Cameroon for nine months as I study mammal communities in cocoa farms. Let's explore Yaoundé, the Dja Reserve and Mbam et Djerem Park together!


I visited the Dja Biosphere Reserve for my research with Fulbright and then traveled to Mbam et Djerem Park to work on a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant to protect the chimpanzee population.


I care deeply about protecting the environment and come from a culture that values that view. Yet, many of the people I work with have different views and may make their income from hunting animals.

Field Notes

Cameroon is home to a diverse group of animals and many of them are found nowhere else in the world. This includes monkeys, which are in the primate group with chimpanzees and lemurs.


Videos from our trail cameras in Mbam et Djerem and the Dja. These cameras are often used by hunters in the USA and by researchers all over the world.