Holly's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Nagakute, Aichi, Japan

Hi! I'm Holly, and I'm looking forward to sharing my life in Nagakute, Japan with you. We'll explore Japan's ancient culture and learn as much as we can in these next few weeks together!


This week the weather became colder, the wind became stronger and it snowed a couple times! We are definitely approaching the coldest part of the year in Japan.


I've been in Japan for over a month and I only have a few months left before I leave this beautiful country and return to the U.S. Thanks for joining the adventure!

Field Notes

The way trash is treated in Nagakute and throughout Japan is quite different than in the U.S., and I think the Japanese are really onto something here.


I recently traveled to Nagano Prefecture to visit the annual Iiyama Snow Festival. They get more snow in Iiyama City than most places in Japan, and you're going to love what they do with it!