Hannah's Journey to Chile

Current Location

Santiago, Chile

Hi, I'm Hannah! This semester I'll be living and studying in Santiago, Chile, and I can't wait to share my adventures with you all!


Over the weekend, a few classmates and I got to spend the day in the coastal towns of Cachuagua and Zapallar. It was a beautiful experience, off the beaten path and full of surprises.


As my International Language Program finishes and I begin to prepare for the regular semester, I've been reflecting on my first month here and getting excited for what's to come next.

Field Notes

Life in a big city like Santiago has its rewards and challenges, and, especially in Chile, it can be very different than life in much of the rest of the country. Let's examine.


My time in Chile has just begun, but already I've made so many great memories. My "highlights" photos from the journey so far speak volumes, and I predict much more excitement to come!