Hailey's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Prague, Czech Republic

Join me on my journey to Greifswald, Germany!

I will be exploring German culture and having fun along the way. Es wird ein lustiges abenteuer (it is going to be a fun adventure).


Prague is a beautiful city in the Czech Republic. The city comes alive during the day with tourists and at night with the blinking of extravagant lights along the castle walls.


When teachers are educating students about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), they are providing essential information needed for everyday life. STEM is all around us, even in Germany!

Field Notes

Through nature, people have the ability to view much of the world's beauty. Nature shows people just how magical the world can truly be.


Recently, I visited the crooked forest in Poland. These pine trees are curved towards the bottom, which is unnatural but very cool to observe. Why do you think these tree are curved this way?