Hailey's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Greifswald, Germany

Join me on my journey to Greifswald, Germany!

I will be exploring German culture and having fun along the way. Es wird ein lustiges abenteuer (it is going to be a fun adventure).


Vienna, or the name by those who live there Wien, is full of rich history especially regarding Mozart and the classical arts. The architecture and music throughout Vienna was breathtaking.


Stuyding abroad is a once in a lifetime experince that I would encounter everyone to take part in. Adventure awaits, enjoy the journey and never look back.

Field Notes

There will always be trash throughout the world. However, the local community needs to take responsibility for handling it responsibly and effectively to support the environment.


Frankfurt is a bustling city in Germany and I was honored enough to visit it this last weekend. Additionally, I visited the beautifully historic city of Heidelberg and visited a fellow classmate.