Gamaliel's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Seoul, South Korea

Join me on my journey to Seoul, South Korea! I'm studying abroad at Yonsei University. I'll be exploring the country for four months, enjoying the food, sites and culture!


As we get into November, I can see Korea starting to adjust to the upcoming winter. It'll be interesting to see how winter is different here compared to the U.S.!


It's been an amazing journey in South Korea, but all good things must come to an end. In this journal, I'll wrap up my journey and talk about what I'll miss the most. 

Field Notes

Communities all have needs, and Korea is no different. Here we'll learn about the need to keep the capital city clean!


Every year there's a lantern festival in Seoul, and I got to see it this year! Here of some pictures of the lanterns and other things I saw while I was there.