Gabrielle's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Fushimi-Inari, Kyoto, Japan

For the next three months I will be living in Osaka, Japan. Osaka is a major city which is close to historic Kyoto and the famous Kobe. I will be studying the culture, language and films of Japan.


For me, November in Osaka means pottery, unusual tree-spotting, some solo exploring and interesting historical reading for class. Let me get you caught up!


When I first arrived in Japan, there was a feeling that I had about this place that I couldn't quite understand. Now I think I can put those feelings into words.

Field Notes

How a country deals with their waste impacts the environment and reflects the values of that society. Let's look at the five different ways the Japanese organize their trash.


Want to know what it looks and feels like to be on the edge of the world? This weekend I visited Zenitsubo Yama (yama means "mountain" in Japanese), and I'd love to share the view with you!