Frank's Journey to Tanzania

Current Location

Iringa, Tanzania

Hello, my name is Frank and I am excited to tell you all about my time in Tanzania! I chose Tanzania because I get a chance to build a project with local villagers to better their living situations. 


This week I visited a beach on the coast of the Indian Ocean, weaved baskets from straw weeds, saw a rainbow-colored lizard and was caught in the rain several times!


Iringa is one of many places in Africa where the people resisted being ruled by foreign governments. Iringa Boma is a museum that tells the rich story of the people of Iringa.

Field Notes

There are many children in Iringa, and we're usually in school at the same time during the week. The kids' school is about 15 minutes from my university, so we often cross paths after school.


The Massai are a tribe that live in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. They are famous for their beautiful beaded jewelry. This weekend, a Massai woman taught me how to make earrings and rings!