Erin's Journey to Russia

Current Location

Tomsk, Russia

Hi everyone! I'm Erin and I have been living in Russia since September! I'll be here until mid-June, and then I will travel around some more and keep sharing my adventures!


As my time in Tomsk begins to wind down, I spent this week exploring different corners of the city, including a new restaurant and a friend's apartment down by the river.


On the 9th of May, Russians celebrate the victory of the Allied powers over the Axis powers during the World War II.

Field Notes

Russia is a large and diverse country, known primarily for its long and cold winters. It also has mountains, volcanos, steppes, forests, tundra and even a little bit of semi-desert!


Orthodox Christianity is the most popular religion in Russia. This weekend I saw a Russian Orthodox procession in Tomsk. Check it out!