Erin's Journey to Russia

Current Location

Tomsk, Russia

Hi everyone! I'm Erin and I have been living in Russia since September! I'll be here until mid-June, and then I will travel around some more and keep sharing my adventures!


As my time in Tomsk begins to wind down, I spent this week exploring different corners of the city, including a new restaurant and a friend's apartment down by the river.


I spent my last days in Tomsk with friends, colleagues and students. It was a bittersweet end, full of thoughts of what I learned this year and how much I would miss the people around me.

Field Notes

Today I spoke with the niece of one of my colleagues, Dasha. "Dasha" is the Russian nickname for Darya. She's 14 years old. Let's get to know her!


I've been trying to go to many local spots lately in order to complete my "bucket list" of things to do in Tomsk. How do you think I've done?