Emily's Journey to Malaysia

Current Location

Alor Setar, Malaysia

Join me on my journey to Alor Setar, Malaysia! I work as an ambassador of the United States, which means that I represent America abroad. I do this through teaching at a secondary (high) school.


It is officially election season in Malaysia— a privilege to observe, as elections only happen every five years here. The candidates are getting fiesty, and the flags of the parties are everywhere. 


Palm tree oil is one of Malaysia's largest exports. It is extremely good for the economy. But, what happens when the price goes down or the environment is impacted? 

Field Notes

I am lucky enough to work every single day with students that live in Malaysia. Their ages range from 13 to 17, and they are technically high schoolers, which is called secondary school. 


Last Thursday was the first day of Ramadan, the start of the fasting month in the Islamic culture. For the long weekend, I headed north to the town of Krabi, Thailand. We hiked and went to the beach!