Emily's Journey to Ghana

Current Location

East Legon Ghana

The tides have pushed me onto the African continent and into the country of Ghana. It is a dense country, full of exciting regions that burst with diversity. I can't wait to share it with you!


My journey up the side of the tallest waterfall in all of West Africa was an accomplishment and a disaster. I twisted my ankle, ate a few bugs, and almost passed out, but I would do it all again!


Just like food and transportation, towns develop uniquely to fit their environment. Although I am used to my neighborhood back home, it doesn't mean I can't adjust to the people and animals in Ghana.

Field Notes

If you look up the definition of comfort food, I won't be surprised if a Ghanaian dish pops up. There are many foods to try in Ghana that are both delicious and leave you stuffed!


One day I went to the back of my homestay, and I saw my host sister making a fish stew. Every part of the fish is used. They just cut it into big chunks and cook away!