Destiny's Journey to Ghana

Current Location

Kumasi Ghana

Hi! My name is Destiny Ramirez and I am a third-year college student studying abroad at the University of Ghana this semester. I am so excited to take you all on this journey with me!


This week I saw more rain and found my new favorite pizza place in all of Accra. I am enjoying a relaxing week before I begin my testing season as a student at the University of Ghana.


I have learned a lot about Ghana in my classes, but my new friends have taught me so much as well. In addition to making friends, I am learning the Twi language to better interact with others.

Field Notes

Ghanaians have may special traditions! A baby naming ceremony is a very happy event that introduces a new baby into the world, surrounded my their loved ones.


Traveling to Ghana's Northern Region took two days, but the long bus ride was worth it. Mole National Park is home to so many beautiful animals. I was able to see animals I had never seen before!