Dennis' Journey to the Netherlands

Current Location

Utrecht, Netherlands

Join me on a journey! Currently, I am living in the Netherlands, studying abroad at Hogeschool Utrecht. In the Netherlands, there are more bicycles than people and everyone looks out for each other!


During the past weeks I have been studying for finals and staying in the city of Utrecht. It has been nice staying in Utrecht and getting to know the city more, but now I am traveling to London.


It is very important to respect other people and to do things that are not only good for you, but good for the people around you. In this article, I'll discuss the impact of globalization on humanity.

Field Notes

Environment can have an enormous impact on people's ability to live in an area. In the Netherlands, the country is surrounded by and filled with water, but they have been able to stay above water!


Visiting the city of Prague in Central Europe was an incredible pleasure with several fellow international students. Prague is a city filled with incredible: buildings, food and living history.