Daniel's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Cordoba, Spain

My journey to Cordoba, Spain has been one to explore the city, the country, and beyond. More importantly, I am here to study Biology, but to also grow as a bilingual biologist and researcher.


Since I came back from Morocco I´ve had a stomach infection. This week, I got better, and went back to school. I was finally healthy and had even more fun experiences to share with you all!


Throughout my journey abroad, I have interacted with many people. I have learned to accept many perspectives, but have also dealt with generalizations towards my own identity. 

Field Notes

Read on to get to know my flatmate (roommate) Andrea from Spain. 


This was a trip to Portugal which is right next to Spain. In fact, both countries are part of what we call the "Iberian Peninsula". It was mostly rainy but I loved the city, the food and the sights.