Daniel's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Cordoba, Spain

My journey to Cordoba, Spain has been one to explore the city, the country, and beyond. More importantly, I am here to study Biology, but to also grow as a bilingual biologist and researcher.


Since I came back from Morocco I´ve had a stomach infection. This week, I got better, and went back to school. I was finally healthy and had even more fun experiences to share with you all!


After nine months, my study abroad experience has come to an end. It was a great experience with its ups and downs. I learned a lot and I will continue to seek adventure. 

Field Notes

In this field note I will present the amazing nature of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. 


I went to Valencia hoping to go to the science center that includes an aquarium and a science museum. I got to experience that and I got to know the city as well.