Celestia's Journey to Brazil

Current Location


HI! I'm Celestia and I'm working in Curitiba Brazil, and will be visiting areas like Foz de Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and more!


This week I've been able to walk around the city and visit some parks. Because the weather has been really cold and rainy, it's been hard to do fun things outside! 


I'm going to tell you more about myself and why I decided to travel abroad.

Field Notes

Brazil is full of delicious and rich flavors! They have many bakeries, where you can find fresh breads and pastries, and they have a lot of fresh fruits! Let me tell you about the delicious food!


In Curitiba, the architecture has European influence. The city has buildings packed close together, with most plants in the park. The rainforest has plants packed close together with no buildings.