Carolina's Journey to Thailand

Current Location

Erawan National Park

Hi, I'm Carolina, and I am currently studying at Rangsit University near Bangkok, Thailand. I can't wait to share my experiences in this amazing country with you!


Last weekend, I was fortunate to travel to Ayuttaya once more and to Erawan National Park. It was an amazing two days full of sun and sightseeing!


People in Thailand are the nicest people ever. Despite a language barrier, they are willing to be patient and try to understand foreigners as best they can.

Field Notes

The foods that I eat here represent various aspects of Thai culture that may be surprising at first. You then find yourself craving things that you never thought you'd like just a few days later! 


Thailand is a country with many ethnicities and cultures all living together. Thailand is proud to show off cultures and celebrate with them with loud and fun performances like Chinese New Year.