Caralee's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Osaka, Japan

Hello, I'm Caralee! I'm in my second semester at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan, and I can't wait to share Japanese culture with you.


Tokyo is a very large city, absolutely packed with people and surprises and adventures. Come along with me as I explore!


Growing up in any culture, you learn to think a certain way. An important part of life is opening up to new ways of seeing the world. Let's examine through the lens of building relationships!

Field Notes

Children all over the world grow up in unique and interesting cultures. In Japan, the way children live might sound similar to your own life... with some unique differences. 


My friends and I traveled to Tokyo to see Japan's capitol for spring break! We visited places like the Edo Tokyo Museum, a Winnie the Pooh art exhibit, Hard Rock Cafe and Disneyland.