Caitlin's Journey to Morocco

Current Location

Ifrane, Morocco

Join me on my journey to Ifrane, Morocco! I will be spending a semester here at a university called Al Akhawayn, studying Arabic language and Islam. I will also get to travel thoughout Morocco!



This week I visited a city called Dakhla. Dakhla is located in the Sahara Desert. The Sahara is the biggest desert in the world. While I was there, I hiked, swam in the ocean and explored!


I have spent almost four months in Morocco, and it has been a wonderful, crazy adventure!

Field Notes

Daily life varies throughout Morocco, from city life to small villages without electricity or running water. Charki lives in the town of Ifrane, where my university is.


I went to the Sahara Desert this week and met some camels! The desert was beautiful and the camels were really fun!