Arianna's Journey to Singapore

Current Location


Join me on my journey to Singapore! I am on a mission to discover how students (like you!) learn around the world! I'm excited to share this fascinating nation-state with you.


Having been here for such a short time, I am surprised by how much I have been able to see! The most exciting part yet was visiting Pulau Ubin, a beautiful island Northeast of Singapore.


In a foreign country, it is very important to respect the people and culture around you. Singapore was here before I got here, and many people see things differently than I do.

Field Notes

I was so lucky to be able to experience the famous Chingay parade of Singapore when my local friend invited me to come with free tickets!


I was so grateful to be able to join my friend and her family on their trip to Osaka, Japan and Kyoto, Japan.I owe them a big thank you, or as they say it in Japan, ”Arigato!”