Anne's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Granada, Spain

Hola! My name is Anne, but my friends call me Annie! Join me as I dance, study and eat my way through Spain this semester!


I spent the past five days exploring the northern region of Morocco! This is my first time visiting the continent of Africa, and I must say, I was very surprised at what I discovered.


I cannot believe that I am wrapping up what has been one of the most influential and enlightening experiences of my life so far! I am tying up my semester in one final article as I prepare for finals.

Field Notes

Granada is a tourist city, so the ecological footprint is bound to be large. This article introduces a little bit about the problem of trash in Granada and what the city is doing to fix the issue. 


As my journey's end is approaching quickly, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from my experience abroad with you all in my final photo album.