Allyson's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Valencia, Spain

¡Hola! My name is Allyson Ferguson and I am studying Spanish language and culture in Valencia, Spain. I am so excited you will be joining me on this amazing journey!


I've been living in Valencia for a few weeks now, and every day is a new adventure. Here's a little peek into what life is like in my new home!


Hi, I'm Allyson!  Get to know me a little more and find out why I chose to travel to Spain!

Field Notes

Paella is a Spanish dish native to my city, Valencia. Read about my experience tasting this food for the first time and how to prepare it yourself! 


Experience a first-hand look inside the largest aquarium in Europe— Oceanografic Valencia.  It’s home to hundreds of animals including dolphins, penguins, whales, sharks, and manatees.