Allison's Journey to Estonia

Current Location

Tallinn, Estonia

Hello and welcome to my Fulbright journey! This year I moved to Tallinn, Estonia as an English Teaching Assistant. I have grown to love this country and can't wait to share my experiences with you!


This week was a quiet one in Tallinn. After three weeks of travels, it was a relief to be back in my apartment, to get some sleep, and to return to a normal work schedule!


Since everyone sees things a little differently, I asked some Americans currently living here in Tallinn to share what they think of the city. See what they had to say!

Field Notes

Meet Laura Kallas, a local Estonian who works with me at Foundation Innove.


Viljandi is a small town next to Viljandi Järv (Viljandi Lake). It is known for the lake, music and castle ruins. In addition, it is always fun to visit Viljandi's suspension bridge and giant swing.