Alicia's Journey to Chile

Current Location

Valparaíso, Chile

Hola! Hello! My name is Alicia, and I'm currently studying Spanish and learning about Chilean culture in Valparaiso, Chile. I am so excited to explore this country and share my experiences with you!


This week I got to see all of the different artwork painted throughout Valparaíso. I also went to Olmué, Chile to hike in La Campaña national park.


Living in another country and culture means we will inevitably meet many people with different perspectives than we have. Read on to learn what I have discovered during my time in Chile!

Field Notes

Every community around the world is in need of some sort of support in one area or another. Valparaíso excels in some areas as a community but needs help in others, including in caring for stray dogs.


Here are some videos of the burning figure and celebration on the last day of Semana Santa!