Alice's Journey to China

Current Location

Wenzhou, China

Hi! I'm Alice and I can't wait for you to join me on my journey to Wenzhou, China! Together we'll explore this fascinating place and culture. Who's ready to go?


Welcome to a week in my life here in China! After reading it, I hope you can better picture my life here through this record of my daily activities and observations! 


Living abroad in China for 8 months has been challenging, fun, adventurous, and sometimes just quite odd. So I just wanted to share some fun stories and lessons from my travels with y'all!

Field Notes

My favorite parts of the holidays are the special foods we get to eat. Let's explore an important Chinese holiday in June and its yummy food! 


For vacation, my friends and I traveled to a small city called Xishuangbanna in Southern China. We drove to a nearby nature reserve surrounded by several small villages. Let's take a look at them!